1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 425 (+80) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 5.0 (+0.8) Attack speed 0.679 (+3.38%)
Mana 250 (+50) Armor 19 (+2.7)
Mana regen. 7 (+0.8) Magic resist. 30
Attack range 480 Mov. speed N/A

Bane, the Primal Techmaturgist is a custom champion created for Draaaven's CCC2. Yeah, couldn't come up with a less original name and title. Thanks to Mineko Charat Lucky for the template.


Evolved Technology
MCLucky Template

Bane rides a floating chair, enabling him to ignore unit collision. Friendly champions may left-click Bane to ride his chair along with him for infinite duration, or activate any ability to detach themselves.
* Up to one champion attached at any given time.

Chain Surge
RANGE: 900
COST: 84 / 92 / 98 / 104 / 110 Mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
MCLucky Template

Active: After a brief delay, Bane emits a blast of electrical energy in the target direction, dealing damage to all enemy units in a line. The blast also spreads to enemies within a 200-unit radius from the initial targets for half the damage; every enemy unit hit by the initial blast refunds 8 Mana and every enemy hit by the chain blast refunds 4 Mana to Bane.

  • Base magic damage: 130 / 160 / 190 / 220 / 250 (+ 90% AP)
Chair Jump\Float
COST: 130 mana (+ 20 per every second spent floating)
COOLDOWN: 25 + 2 per every second spent floating
MCLucky Template

First cast - Chair Jump: Bane's chair fires an exploding projectile downwards, dealing damage to all enemies around Bane, slowing them for 1.5 seconds and lauching the chair in the target direction. Both Bane and friendly champion currently attached to the chair are also delieved to the target location.

  • Magic damage: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+ 40% AP)
  • Slow: 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35%
  • Dash range: 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800

Reactivation - Float: Reactivating the ability while mid-air enables Bane to pass through impassable terrain (e.g. can fly over walls) and become untargetable. Friendly champion attached also becomes untargetable, but the champion can still detach themselves at any point.
* This ability has an effective base duration of 3.35 seconds because it scales with Bane's total movement speed.

  • Max float duration: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 seconds (+1 second per 100 movement speed and 200 ability power)
RANGE: 700
COST: NO cost
MCLucky Template

Normal cast - Grab: Bane grabs target enemy unit, dragging them along with him for 0.5 seconds (counts as supreme(irremovable) CC for cleansing purposes), and then throws them in the target direction, keeping them knocked airborne for an additional 0.75 seconds. Unlike Skarner, Bane loses 50% movement speed and cannot cast any other abilities and summoner spells during the grab. (Clicking a Dark Passage lantern counts as your action, not Thresh's action, therefore you cannot click the lantern while holding an enemy - both your hands are busy!)

  • Magic damage: 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 / 250 (+ 70% AP)
  • Slow: 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35%

Cast during Float - Bombard: Bane bombards the target area, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit.

The Murder Bridge
RANGE: 400 / 550 / 700
COST: 150 / 125 / 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 200 / 180 / 160
MCLucky Template

Active: Bane creates impassable terrain between himself and target enemy champion. All attacks form all units (towers, traps and wards are not units) within the arena cannot damage units outside the arena, and vice versa. The bridge lasts until at least half of the champions within are slain (rounded down, e.g. if there are 5, 2 deaths will end the effect), or until there are only champions from one team, or until manually cancelled, and also has a base maximum duration based on rank.
* The field radius is something like Jarvan IVSquare J4 Cataclysm ult, but stretched from Bane towards target champion.

  • Duration: 5 / 6.5 / 8

Suggested support item build

Summoner's Rift
Starting Spellthief's Edge item Health Potion item
Essential Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Sightstone item Chalice of Harmony item
Offensive Athene's Unholy Grail item Zhonya's Hourglass item Void Staff item Rabadon's Deathcap item
Defensive Mikael's Crucible item Randuin's Omen item Locket of the Iron Solari item Frost Queen's Claim item
Consumables Elixir of Brilliance item Vision Ward item Oracle's Lens item

Suggested mage\bruiser item build

Summoner's Rift
Starting Doran's Ring item Health Potion item
Essential Sorcerer's Shoes item Chalice of Harmony item Haunting Guise item
Offensive Athene's Unholy Grail item Void Staff item Abyssal Scepter item Rabadon's Deathcap item
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Randuin's Omen item Zhonya's Hourglass item Frost Queen's Claim item
Consumables Elixir of Brilliance item Stealth Ward (Item) item Greater Stealth Totem item

"Why are you doing this?"
ImRealOverseer, my duoQ partner