So today I decided to double check the recommended builds on our wiki with the recommended builds found on the League website and found some inconsistancies. Unfortunatly I do not own some of the champions which had these errors, so I cannot find out what the actual in game ones are. As such, I would appreciate it if you guys with these champions could check on the actual in game recommended builds and make adjustments to the wiki as necessary. Be sure to post when these pages have been fixed or confirmed correct. Thank you!
Peppermintshnops Have you seen...

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Below is the list:

Wiki: Urgot / League: Urgot

Wiki: Soraka / League: Soraka

Wiki: Rumble / League: Rumble

Wiki: Nunu / League: Nunu

Wiki: Jax / League: Jax

On a side note: Akali's Recommended Builds need to be adjusted in position.