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    Aatrox change ideas

    September 25, 2015 by Perepipe

    Hi, I'm perepipe and these are some changes I've thought about Aatrox. To do these changes I thought about three words or sentences to define the direction I wanted to take the changes to (in this case they were "squishy but tanks thanks to life steal", "attack speed" and "blood well is really important"):

    NOTE: numbers can be changed, but this are my ideas (tell me on comments). I can give the ideas behind the changes if asked. I haven't thought about the kit being very OP or UP or even not being synergic. Sorry for grammatical and/or orthographic errors.


    HEALTH: 537,8 558,48

    HEALTH GROWTH: 85 86

    ARMOR GROWTH: 3,8 3,5

    ATTACK DAMAGE: 60,376 57,88

    ATTACK SPEED: 0,651 0,679


    MOVEMENT SPEED: 345 340

    Passive: Blood Well


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