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  • Persephone04

    Elsa The Ice Queen of Arendelle

    Passive: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

    Elsa is enveloped by an aura of frost and ice. Enemies who stray into the zone are slowed when they deal damage to Elsa. Champion-based damage grants Elsa a burst of speed as long as it is sustained within the aura's range.

    Additionally, specific items grants Elsa's abilities new or improved effects.

    Passive: Fear Will Be Your Enemy

    As Elsa's Health drops or whenever allied Champions are hit by her abilities, Elsa's secondary resource bar FEAR gains a stack. If the stacks reach maximum, Elsa's abilities become dangerous to all units regardless whether they are enemies or allies. FEAR starts to fall off very quickly if Elsa is surrounded by allied Champions.

    Q Ability: Wake of …

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  • Persephone04

    As you can all imagine, the Seasons come and go and now that this Season's about to end as well, we're anticipating the new features and changes coming unto LoL. For me, however, my eyes are set on a little less stage: The Masteries. 

    For any person who knows his/her grain worth of LoL, Masteries have been there since LoL's birth. It's one of the things that defined and set LoL off from other MOBA games (You know, until the whole thing became a total tidal wave of gaming bits and pieces). While Offense and Defense are picked up players for their direct and straight-forward effects, the Utility Tree is unique in a sense that its benefits are indirect. It's like one of those little things that are worth their weight in gold in the scheme of t…

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  • Persephone04

    Hello and welcome, one and all! These are my ideas for Support-focused Income Items. The following are finished items thus I'll make notes as I move along. 

    P.S. I don't know how to appraise item values. Hontoni Goumenasai. 

    Bag O' Potions/Potions Bonanza/Potions Ever Ever After

    Stats: 5/10/15 Health Regeneration, 5/10/15 Mana Regeneration, 3 gold per 10 sec., 0/0/10% Cooldown Reduction.

    Unique Passive: Gratitude: (All) Gains charges every 30/25/20 sec. Each damage nearby allied Champions receive from Champion-based auto-attacks reduce this charge time by 1/1/1 sec. Charges cap at 2/3/4. When you heal or shield a Champion, you expend a charge to gain 5/10/15 gold and you and your target gain 3/7/10 bonus Armor and Magic Resistance for 5 sec. T…

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  • Persephone04

    Hey, guys, so random ideas had been popping in my demented mind. Not really fit for the LoL gameplay but, hey, why not? 


    Mania Dementia

    Romero's Respite

    Stats: 50 Ability Power, 15% Spell Vamp

    Passive: Unique: Enhanced Movement: 45 Movement Speed

    Active: Unique: The Dead Are Rising: Activate to summon a zombie lumbering toward the target area. Upon enemy contact or after 5 sec., the zombie explodes, dealing 50-100 (Plus 20% of AP) area-of-effect magic damage, based on player level. The zombie does not proc any spell-based or passive-based effects except Spell Vamp. 20 sec. cooldown (decreases by 1 sec. per auto-attack received). 


    Boots: 325g

    Hextech Revolver…

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  • Persephone04

    Sejuani, The Winter's Claw


    There was a time when the tribe of the Winter's Claw would look upon Sejuani for wisdom and guidance but that was long gone. Ever since the ascension of Freljord as one of the League's city-states and the union between the two tribes and the barbarian hordes thanks to the efforts of Queen Ashe and King Tryndamere, Sejuani's principal beliefs were shaken to the core. Little by little, she doubted herself. Maybe she was not meant to lead the people of Freljord. Perhaps the seers of her tribe were mistaken by their vision. Perhaps only she believed them to be true. On one starless night, as she lay asleep in a cave she came to call a haven for herself, Sejuani heard a voice, beckoning he…

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