Elsa The Ice Queen of Arendelle

Passive: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Elsa is enveloped by an aura of frost and ice. Enemies who stray into the zone are slowed when they deal damage to Elsa. Champion-based damage grants Elsa a burst of speed as long as it is sustained within the aura's range.

Additionally, specific items grants Elsa's abilities new or improved effects.

Passive: Fear Will Be Your Enemy

As Elsa's Health drops or whenever allied Champions are hit by her abilities, Elsa's secondary resource bar FEAR gains a stack. If the stacks reach maximum, Elsa's abilities become dangerous to all units regardless whether they are enemies or allies. FEAR starts to fall off very quickly if Elsa is surrounded by allied Champions.

Q Ability: Wake of Ice:

Elsa to summons a C-shaped wall of ice in front of her. The wall is impassable the first second it spawns and is destroyed a second thereafter. It damages enemies caught in the main blast and a reduced damage to a secondary area around it. Elsa can freely pass through the wall. This ability has a short cooldown.

FEAR effect: Wake of Ice creates bigger blocks of ice which explode, applying additional damage to enemies caught in the blast and slowing both allies and enemies.

AUGMENT: Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Increases the width and length of the ice wall. Duration and destruction increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

AUGMENT: Iceborn Gauntlet: Ice wall appears with a slowing aura that lingers for 1 second and enhances Elsa's next auto-attack with bonus magic damage.

AUGMENT: Frozen Heart: Ice walls do not block allies and the movement speed gained from Elsa's passive is turned into a 1 second invisibility.

W Ability: Frozen

Elsa summons a blizzard around her for a duration which damages enemies caught inside and causing her passive The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway to be extended to the entire area-of-effect of the blizzard. While the blizzard exists, Elsa can elect to throw it in the direction she is facing, turning it into a wide projectile that damages and roots enemy Champions it passes through. This ability has a moderate cooldown.

FEAR effect: Frozen's blizzard periodically pulls allies and enemies towards Elsa. If the blizzard is thrown, allied and enemy Champions it passes through are put into stasis.

AUGMENT: Eye of The Watchers: Projected blizzard grants a moderate shield that lasts for 1 second to all allies it passes through.

AUGMENT: Frozen Mallet: Upon activation, Elsa can project up to two blizzards.

AUGMENT: Orb of Winter: A second projected blizzard is dropped on Elsa's current location when she hurls it and launches after a short delay.

E Ability: Frozen Watcher

Elsa summons Marshmallow, at a short distance of the direction she is facing, for a duration. Elsa can freely control her guard (Alt+Right Click/Press E to cursor) but it can only move away at a certain range before teleporting back to her. This ability has a moderate cooldown.

The Ice Creature has the following effects:

LEVEL 1: Nothing special.

LEVEL 2: Periodically summons three fields which explodes after a delay, slowing and damaging enemies inside.

LEVEL 3: Periodically summons a slow-moving wave of small snowmen that damages and slows enemies it passes through.

LEVEL 4: Kills and assists extend the duration of Marshmallow. Marshmallow deals increased damage to Epic Monsters and receive less damage from them.

FEAR effect: Frozen Watcher's LEVEL 2-4 Marshmallow can apply crowd control effects to allies. The number of allies and enemies near Marshmallow and Elsa increases the chances that Marshmallow will use any of his abilities.

AUGMENT: Talisman of Ascension: Level 2-4 Marshmallow gains the ability to periodically call down a delayed rain of snowballs around him, impacting on enemy Champions. Number of snowballs increases with Elsa's level. This is increased in FEAR effect.

AUGMENT: Face of The Mountain: Level 2-4 Marshmallow gains the ability to periodically polymorph a nearby enemy Champion. Marshmallow cannot polymorph the same Champion for a few seconds. This is increased in FEAR effect.

AUGMENT: Frost Queen's Claim: Level 2-4 Marshmallow gains the ability to periodically summon a Snowman to push down the nearest lane. Snowmen are fast-moving, fast-attacking long-ranged units. This is increased in FEAR effect.

R Ability: Let It Go

Elsa begins channeling and after a successful channel, she teleports to a predetermined area anywhere in the map. Upon arriving, she raises her castle of ice which expands as it appears, damaging and knocking up enemies caught in the blast. The castle lingers for a moment, granting allies in it slightly increased Armor and Magic Resistance. This ability haa a moderately long cooldown.

FEAR effect: Let It Go will also knock up allies in the area when Elsa appears. Enemies attempting to enter the castle will be knocked away from it. This is a one-time effect.

AUGMENT: Zhonya's Hourglass: Instead of a knock-up, the castle of ice stuns enemies instead.

AUGMENT: Banshee's Veil: Increases the area-of-effect and duration of the castle of ice. Castle of ice grants more Armor and Magic Resistance to allied Champions below 40% Health.

AUGMENT: Rod of Ages: If the castle of ice does not damage any enemy, it can be cast again for free for a short time. If both casts does not damage any enemies, the ability goes on a greatly reduced cooldown.



You might have noticed that all of Elsa's non-ultimate abilities rely on where she is currently facing. This is to strengthen Elsa's reliance of mastery of positioning. She is a frail Mage who relies on slows and ice walls to keep away enemies who can burst her down.

Also, a unique aspect of Elsa is that she can prove to be as harmful to her allies as to her enemies. Much like the powers in the movie, Fear makes Elsa's abilities malevolent to anyone near her. I imagined Elsa to be a Champion everyone would watch out for when picked in a game.

She is also her abilities have no cost (So far, I think there are no ranged Mages in-game that don't have costs to their abilities. Vlad's cost Health.)

I'll be making more of the Disney Princesses when my time allows it and will try to add as much uniqueness to each.

I'm looking forward to all you critics~!!!



When scoring a kill or assist near an ally or enemy Ashe, Sejuani or Lissandra: "Winter is coming!"

Buying Face of The Mountain/Frost Queen's Claim/Talisman of Ascension: "Suffer the winter's cold wind for it bears aloft next summer's seeds."

Buying Eye of the Equinox/the Oasis/the Watchers: "Ward up. Wards save lives."

Buying Banner of Command/Zz'rot Portal: "You swore. To serve. Your Lord."

Buying Guardian Angel: "Blessed are the Masters, for they bridge the past and span the future."

Casting Wake of Ice: "You shall not pass!" "IIZ! SLEN! NUS!"

Casting Frozen: "The world will end in ice!"  "FO! KRAH! DIIN!"

Casting Frozen Watcher: "MARSHMALLOW, I CHOOSE YOU!"

Casting Frozen Watcher near an enemy Lissandra: "Dare to go against your precious Watchers, Lissandra?" "Only an act of true love can thaw your frozen heart."

Casting Frozen Watcher near an enemy Ashe: "Avarosa triumphed over the Watchers but it did not end well for her." "Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you always have to be."

Casting Frozen Watcher near an enemy Sejuani: "The strong doesn't always win, Sejuani, but the one who wins is the strongest." "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Casting Let It Go: "*sings a verse from Let It Go*"

Arriving at location: "The cold never bothere me anyway..."

Arriving underneath one or more enemy Champions below 40% Health: "BANZZZAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"

Entering the Twisted Treeline/Howling Abyss: "Once they struggled, hammered, cried. Fought for justice, honor, pride. Now from time and tide released. They guard and serve in silent peace."