• Pf987

    Charles, The Minion Leader

    Passive: Charles commands all winions near him, letting him control all nearby minions, like a batallion. You press alt, then click and the winions move there. Ranged winions get 100 range, melee ones get 50 HP, cannons get 10% added bonuses to the tower resistance, supers get 100 AD.

    Q: Charles shoots a lightning blast at an AOE around him, like Xerath W. It shocks all enemies hit, and if they get close to any allied unit within 2 seconds, the blast spreads to them. Anyone affected by the damage once is immune to more, and the damage goes down to half the more targets it hits.

    W: Charles summons a brigade of caster minions near him, forming a shield, and disabling his passive. They stay for 2 seconds, and die in on…

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  • Pf987

    Passive, Injection: Every 5 seconds, Mundo regains (1-1.5, scaling throughout the game)% of his max HP, and gains X Movespeed for 2.5 seconds.

    Note: 1.5 is the current value per 5 seconds, but this is all at once, not persistent.

    Q: Mundo throws his cleaver in a straight line. This deals % Current HP damage and Infects the enemy. The ability won’t go on cooldown until the Infection ends.

    Infect: The enemy is slowed by 100 flat MS, and has a cleaver lodged in them. Mundo can auto attack them to remove the cleaver, dealing ⅓ of te cleaver damage, stunning Mundo for a second while he pulls it out, and the cooldown is fully refunded. HOWEVER. The Health cost doubles for (The spell’s normal cooldown), which stacks. The enemy is also immune to the …

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  • Pf987

    Major WIP, just Q and Passive, no name.

    This Champion: The Void's Puppet

    Passive: Void Overflow

    When This Champion uses a spell, he gains a stack of Void Energy, shown on his resource bar. Whe. That bar is filled, after five spell casts, This Champion weeps in pain, causing an AOE burst around him, siphoning life from all hit. If an enemy champion is in the blast, they walk away from the pain (same gameplay-wise as Fear).

    Q: Shadow Geyser

    This Champion creates a shadow geyser at a target location, filled with Void ooze. Allies who step on it are healed, while enemies are sucked in, sticking to the evil geyser (root) . If a Champion is rooted, This Champion can instantly appear behind them after recasting Q. The enemies take damage the longer th…

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  • Pf987

    I know no one did Q_Q

    Passive, Armored Shell: Rammus’ armor empowers him. All of his damaging abilities scale with (20%???) armor, and 5% of his armor is converted into AP.


    W, Defensive Formation: Rammus curls up in a ball for X seconds, raising his Armor and MR by huge % amounts. Rammus CANNOT auto-attack, or cast his Q during the duration. Any melee attacks attempted on Rammus will reflect the base damage back at them.

    Note: I wanted Sanic to be a champ who can be extremely tank, and strong, but not at the same time. This ENTIRE rework came up when I was playing Sanic, and I noticed that since his W gives armor, and his passive converts it into AD, it was stupid! Rammus crawls down, going defensive, yet he STILL …

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  • Pf987

    Personally, I’d change Riven.

    NEW EFFECT: Riven now has Energy.

    Passive: Now restores 10 Energy on-hit

    Q: Now has a cost of 30/35/40 Energy per cast, and the CD begins when she uses the last strike, not the first.

    W: Now costs 70 Energy.

    E: Now costs 65 Energy. Lasts for 2 seconds, and the scaling is now 90%, not 100.

    R: First cast has no cost, and I have a lot of ideas for WindSlash.

    1. Costs 100/150 Energy. This would be present in the other ideas too fyi

    2. Does more damage, up to the live max value, depending on time left. You can’t just ult to fuck a low health enemy anymore with that.

    3. ENDS your ult buffs, but starts the CD of it right away.

    4. Costs 100-200 idk how much Energy, and it can be cast an infinite amount of times while her ult is active. Pro…

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