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User blog:Pf987/A new champ concept. Please tell me how I can improve! :D


A new champ concept. Please tell me how I can improve! :D

Pf987 November 18, 2015 User blog:Pf987

Major WIP, just Q and Passive, no name.

This Champion: The Void's Puppet

Passive: Void Overflow

When This Champion uses a spell, he gains a stack of Void Energy, shown on his resource bar. Whe. That bar is filled, after five spell casts, This Champion weeps in pain, causing an AOE burst around him, siphoning life from all hit. If an enemy champion is in the blast, they walk away from the pain (same gameplay-wise as Fear).

Q: Shadow Geyser

This Champion creates a shadow geyser at a target location, filled with Void ooze. Allies who step on it are healed, while enemies are sucked in, sticking to the evil geyser (root) . If a Champion is rooted, This Champion can instantly appear behind them after recasting Q. The enemies take damage the longer they're rooted.

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