Charles, The Minion Leader

Passive: Charles commands all winions near him, letting him control all nearby minions, like a batallion. You press alt, then click and the winions move there. Ranged winions get 100 range, melee ones get 50 HP, cannons get 10% added bonuses to the tower resistance, supers get 100 AD.

Q: Charles shoots a lightning blast at an AOE around him, like Xerath W. It shocks all enemies hit, and if they get close to any allied unit within 2 seconds, the blast spreads to them. Anyone affected by the damage once is immune to more, and the damage goes down to half the more targets it hits.

W: Charles summons a brigade of caster minions near him, forming a shield, and disabling his passive. They stay for 2 seconds, and die in one hit to anything. (Like normal minions)  Every half second, they fire a skillshot in front of them, in a circle. Add anything to make this not too strong.