(Can't think of a good name)

Normal Draft pick, with one exception. ONE person is voted to be the team leader, which is shown to both teams when everyone has picked, the leader is super buffed in game:

  • They have infinite gold, are LV18 (20 for Udyr) and their base stats are doubled.
  • They start out like this, but the allies don’t.
  • Mejais and SOTO are banned for the leader.
  • If the leader dies, their team loses.
  • Leaders can’t damage the enemy leader.
  • Also, there are towers, but the laser ones are invincible.

The strategy is the play the game normally, with the leader being at least decently tanky, and with something to help them live. A good idea might be someone like Garen who can escape easily, and heal like crazy. To clarify, leaders never scale throughout the game, except their stats being better than others.