Personally, I’d change Riven.

NEW EFFECT: Riven now has Energy.

Passive: Now restores 10 Energy on-hit

Q: Now has a cost of 30/35/40 Energy per cast, and the CD begins when she uses the last strike, not the first.

W: Now costs 70 Energy.

E: Now costs 65 Energy. Lasts for 2 seconds, and the scaling is now 90%, not 100.

R: First cast has no cost, and I have a lot of ideas for WindSlash.

  1. Costs 100/150 Energy. This would be present in the other ideas too fyi

  2. Does more damage, up to the live max value, depending on time left. You can’t just ult to fuck a low health enemy anymore with that.

  3. ENDS your ult buffs, but starts the CD of it right away.

  4. Costs 100-200 idk how much Energy, and it can be cast an infinite amount of times while her ult is active. Prolly SOME limit besides cost.

Or Akali.

Reverted to her 5.1 values, with some base dmg nerfs, and her ult only has 2 charges.

Also, Hyxaru suggested a Varus one. Here's my crack at it.

Passive, Blighted Quiver: Varus utilizes ammo, which he has (3-5???) of, and it takes (2?) seconds to reload one. The arrows stick in the targets, and if a target dies, Varus gains Health, and can pick the arrows back up. The arrows also siphon life from the enemy (like Yorick E), and Varus’ abilities do slightly more damage, and add bonus effects for each arrow in them.

NEW EFFECT: Varus no longer uses Mana. All of his abilities cost Health.

Q: Virtually unchanged. Maybe the LV1 damage a bit better

W, Chain Of Corruption: Yes, his ult is his W. It does maybe half(?) of its current damage and roots for longer the more passive arrows they have on them. It doesn’t spread, and has lower range and width.

E, Hail Of Arrows: Varus sucks all the arrows out of targeted enemy, healing them by X% of Varus’ AD. Varus gets that ammo back, and it CAN exceed his cap. The arrows will peirce through any enemies between Varus and the target, who is also slowed while the arrows travel.

R, Living Vengeance: Passive: Similar to his current passive, but weaker. Active: Varus supercharges himself, gaining godlike power. He has infinite ammo, a single attack will max out the 5 arrows in someone. And a permanent version of his passive. Overall, just giant steroids. However, Varus still IS living on borrowed time. He has X amount of seconds before he dies. His model slowly gets covered by the purple corruption, fully consuming him when he dies. How should the death work? Give kill gold IF his health goes to 0 before the end? Not give gold at all? Idk