Twitch rework in 5.21, with notes by Riot!

Passive: NEW EFFECT: Spray and Pray When Twitch gets his full Deadly Venom stacks on an enemy, Twitch gains bonus attack damage and bonus attack range for 7 seconds. BONUS AD: 20 Additionally, Twitch's basic attacks travel across their full range and skewer every enemy they pass through for the duration, dealing 20% less damage per enemy hit down to a minimum of 40% damage. These attacks apply on-hit effects to all affected enemies and can critically strike against each individual target. Also, all attacks during this duration instantly apply full Deadly Venom stacks.

Twitch's passive is too weak. So we removed his ult entirely, and added it for his passive. We think that since Darius is such a balanced champ with his Bloodrage, that we would add ut to Twitch too.

Q: REMOVED: Delay We think that removing the delay will make Twitch slightly more powerful, giving him more chances to move around.

W: We added some more skill based mechanics to Twitch's W. First, it fully stacks Deadly Venom, and slows by 90%, at the edge. In the very middle that you will almost never hit, you apply nothing. We think that playing against Twitch will be more skill based, trying to be in the small blind spot.

E: We decided that it heals for 50% of the damage dealt, once again, being balanced like Darius.

R: Twitch has no ultimate now. Instead, he gets another point for his other ablilities. They have a new effect at level 6.

Q: Twitch gains maximum attack speed after breaking stealth, and can't be detected while invisible. We think that this will make Twitch a good mid roamer, and since there is a maximum attack speed, we decided that it won't make a big difference for it to be capped out.

W: Blind spot removed, added stun not slow. Not much to say.

E: Now instantly does true %HP damage, going up to 100% at full passive stacks. Fiora and Darius can have massive true damage throughoth the game. So why not Twitch in the late game?