Passive, Vorpal Blade: When Shen hits a damaging spell on an enemy, they are life-tapped. When Shen attacks them, he does a slight bonus damage, and heals for a % of his max health. Allies can also proc this, without the bonus dmg, and a lower heal.

EDIT: Also restores energy

Q, Kunai Strike: Shen throws a kunai in the target direction. If it hits an enemy, it will pierce them, slowing them by 30%(???) and if an ally attacks that mark, it will fall out dealing half the damage again, and moving half it's trajectory, possibly hitting someone else.

W, Avoidance: Shen slows himself, and is stealthed. This costs 10 Energy, which doubles each second, and can be toggled on and off, with a low CD. Also has damage reduction during stealth, to help protect his ADC from things like Jinx and Ashe ults, or Jinx W, and it can help when you get dived.

E could deal half damage to winions to maybe make solo lane Shen slightly viable.

For the 3rd time, tell me what you think! :D