Passive, Injection: Every 5 seconds, Mundo regains (1-1.5, scaling throughout the game)% of his max HP, and gains X Movespeed for 2.5 seconds.

Note: 1.5 is the current value per 5 seconds, but this is all at once, not persistent.

Q: Mundo throws his cleaver in a straight line. This deals % Current HP damage and Infects the enemy. The ability won’t go on cooldown until the Infection ends.

Infect: The enemy is slowed by 100 flat MS, and has a cleaver lodged in them. Mundo can auto attack them to remove the cleaver, dealing ⅓ of te cleaver damage, stunning Mundo for a second while he pulls it out, and the cooldown is fully refunded. HOWEVER. The Health cost doubles for (The spell’s normal cooldown), which stacks. The enemy is also immune to the cleaver for 2 seconds. Ask me to explain this if u don’t understand, I have it all laid out in my head, dont know if i wrote every detail down

W: Mundo lights himself on fire for (5?) seconds, costing Health per second. Anyone within Mundo’s auto range is burned, people are burned every second.. They are revealed for 2 seconds, and take X% of Mundo’s Max Health per second, plus 100% AD. Autoattacks, E and R are disabled, but the Cleaver will apply the burn instead of the Infection.

Note: I imagine this being Mundo setting himself on fire, and the cleavers will be lit on fire for this.

2 versions of this one.

E, Mundo Goes Where He Pleases: Mundo created a clone of him, both are back to back. Any action Mundo takes, so does the clone. The clone moves and attacks in the opposite direction for 4(?) seconds before dissapearing. Clone has all of Mundo’s stats but takes double and deals half damage,

E, Mundo Smash!: Mundo leaps on to the target unit (300ish range) and damages them. They are smashed into the ground and made untargetable, and stunned for X seconds. Mundo is stunned, but Infects the enemy ehen they leap up. This should probably chunk with % Mundo’s HP damage, and a big CD.

R: No idea. Something representing sadism, like empowerment from enemy champs nearby taking dmg or something.