Lilia, The Future’s Hope

This champ was based off another video game character, try to guess who it is! :D

Passive Predestined Growth: Lilia’s arm cannon grows slightly with each Champ Level, increasing her attack range slightly.

Q Empower: Lilia powers up her arm cannon, raising her Attack Speed for a few seconds.

W Lightning Shock: Lilia dashes towards a targeted location, creating a lighting shock at the area. This applies a stack of Static Shock, slowing the opponent for a few seconds. (Static Shock stacks don’t stack)

E Predestined Shot: Lilia fires a shot at the opponent, stopping the bolt in place just before hitting. after a few seconds, or if Lilia attacks the pre-emptive shot enough times, the shot hits the opponent, blowing up in an AOE. Every autoattack on the pre-emptive shot increases it’s power.

R Arm Shoot: Lilia fires her metal arm at target enemy, damaging them, and knocking them, and nearby enemies back. (The arm is missing from her model if the spell is unavailable, popping out when ready)

Kind-Hearted-One commented first YOU WIN! Do you guys like this idea? I might do it with other champs xD