Passive:  NEW EFFECT:  Whenever Riven charges her Runic Blade, she gains a tick of Runic Overload, shown on her resource bar. When she hits 10 ticks of Runic Overload, she is silenced for 5 seconds, but her Runic Blade is infinitly enpowered for that time. Every basic spell cast, including all 3 [1] Broken Wings casts will create Runic Overload.

Q: Cooldown now starts after the third cast. NEW EFFECT: For every champion and Large Monster hit by the knockup, [2] Broken Wings cooldown is reduced by 1 second. (Max of 5 seconds reduction per cast)

W and E: No changes besides the Runic Overload addition

R: Active: Riven reforms her sword for 15 seconds, gaining 20% AD as bonus attack damage, increasing her attack range by 75 for a total of 200, removing all stacks of Runic Overload, and augmenting [3] Broken Wings and [4] Ki Burst's radii.

For Blade of the Exile's duration, Riven can use [5] Wind Slash once, which adds 2 stacks of Runic Overload.

This, in my opinion will stop Riven's insane mobility, and will make her preserve her spell casts, like Rumble. What do you guys think? :D