Passive: More visual indicator, like Fiora Vitals, with an sfx when connected.

Q, Trickery: Shaco instantly stealths himself for X seconds. While he is stealthed, he can cast Deceive, which, after a 1 second delay, ends his stealth and blinks him to the target location. (Few different versions)

His next spell does X more dmg

His next auto crits

His next Backstab proc does way more dmg, but disables the passive shortly.

W: IDK, possibly can stick to Shaco, or inside terrain? I really can't think of balancing for this.

E: Shaco throws a shiv in a line. More range, a skillshot. It also does less Ad scaling, more dmg??? and more slow.

Also acts like Kali spear, in a way. When killing a target, it passes through them, renewing the range, but halving the damage every time it kills.

Ult: A few changes. First, it gains X low % of Shaco's Ap as Ad, to return a bit of power. The clone mimics Shaco's spells.

Q: All the clone does is stealth instantly, and breaks stealth at the same time as real Shaco.

E: Acts like a Lulu Q, except if BOTH shivs hit, the target gets stunned shortly.

One other thing about the ult. It lasts a minute, the bar above the clone shows its time left, and it won't blow up when dying. MAYBE it restores some of its HP to Shaco with an Ap scaling??

So tell me what u think! :D I tried to add more skill, and some CC for him late game, as well as AP Shaco being a lot better