Poppy: The Yordle’s Hammer

Passive: Poppy’s reinforced armor halves the damage and CC of a spell, after Poppy casts 3 spells.

Q, Hammer Strike: Poppy raises her hammer for up to 3 seconds. Auto attacks do 10% less damage to her while she charges it. Poppy cannot cast spells during this time and is slowed, but her next autoattack does scaling damage, based on the charge time, and stuns if used after 2 seconds.

W, Diplomatic Strike: Poppy slams the ground with such force that a geyser rises up in a circle around her. This water will root anyone who comes in it’s range, and does damage. Poppy gets a speed boost. This is a similar range to the edge of Naut’s E, either the 1st or 2nd explosion

E, Heroic Charge: Same as before, but a skillshot, and the stun depends on travel distance.

Ult, Poppy supercharges herself, and gains effects based on what spell she uses

Q: Poppy gains immense AD, and Armor. her autos crush enemies, using an effect similar to Naut passive, but an AD scaling. Her actual Q doubles its damage, and stuns no matter how long it was charged.

W: Poppy gets surrounded by the fires of Runeterra, powered by Blomgrun and Whomper’s might. She absorbs 20% of magic damage, and converts 10% of it into a heal. Also has a stronger, temporary Mundo W. Her actual W will stun, and maybe a longer duration.

E: Poppy becomes armored, getting a HUGE armor and MR buff, 5% dmg reduction, and her E makes her invincible (???) if the enemy is stunned.

Tell me what you think! :D