Passive: Added an AP scaling to the heal, AD scaling to the damage. Now seperate values b/c of this.


Q, Hungering Strike: Warwick dashes a short length forward, and if he collides with a unit, he spins around, biting all nearby units. He heals for a portion of the damage dealt, and enemy champions hit will bleed out, dealing DOT, and healing Warwick for more.

W, Wolf’s Howl: Warwick, after a delay, howls in an AOE around him. This AOE is half(???) as large as his current W. It stuns all monsters, and fears minions. It also will do one of a few things.

Either give Warwick an AD or AS steroid, being halved for allied champs. Also could give a mini version of Warwick’s passive to allies.

E, Blood Scent: Warwick channels in place, scouting out a large AOE. The longer he channels the larger it is. He detects all enemy champions, and puts a Danger ping near stealthed ones. For each champion detected, Warwick reveals them and gains movement speed for a few seconds.

R, Infinite Duress: Warwick dashes torwards the targeted enemy champion. If he hits them, he starts ripping them apart, dealing % Health damage. He applies on hit effects multiplied by 3 for this. If the enemy dies, Warwick starts going on a crazy frenzy. He gains the minumum chanelled version of Blood Scent, and the mana cost from Infinite Duress is (half??) refunded.

Works very simular to his current ult, with some changes not listed. The enemy is slowed by a decent amount if they live, and the casting is different. He dashes to the enemy, like a Vi ult. They CAN escape if they blink, or if Warwick is charging at them for 5 seconds.