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  • PhantomCruise

    I have finally remade my concept!!! This is a remake of my previous champion concept which can still be found on my blog. This champion is made to be a jungler, with good sustain, and EXTREMELY fast, hit-and-run ganks. This champion is centered around high movement speed and gapclosers (there are THREE gapclosers) And because of this, his chasing ability is UNPARALLELED by any other champion in the game. He can literally chase you from one end of the map to the other with 500+ movement speed. I'm still pretty new to making blog pages on the wiki, so the formatting is probably a bit... weird. I put quite a bit of work into this as you may notice, so feedback would be awesome :D

    Ashinax was once a proud soldier of the Ionian military. His skil…

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  • PhantomCruise

    I created an account of the wikia not long ago, and i just discovered the blog pages where people could post champion concepts. I, myself have made countless champion concepts so i thought i would take one of them and share it with the wikia. This has to be some of the most thorough work i've ever done, please tell me how you think of it; nerfs? buffs? too OP (probably :D)?

    NOTE: This champion uses the energy mechanic like Shen, Akali, Kennen, and Lee Sin.

    Ashinax, The Blade of Shadows

    Passive – Embrace the Shadows

    (Innate) After 5 seconds of being outside of enemy vision (i.e. you cannot be seen on the enemy’s map), you will begin to regenerate 0.5% of you maximum health every second.


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