Phyrexian Shadow

aka Shadow

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male
  • Phyrexian Shadow

    Innate: (Shadow Dance) - Blade evades the next enemy spell that would be cast on him. After Shadow Dance is activated Blade gains bonus movement speed and attack speed for couple of seconds. Cooldown of Shadow Dance decreases per level. Bonus movement speed and attack speed increases per level.

    Effects - Model fades for a moment leaving dark smoke or fog. Example: Looks like when Nightcrawler of Xmen teleports.

    1st Skill - (Shrouded Dagger) Deals damage to target enemy and slowing its movement speed and revealing its location for a couple of seconds. Deals pure damage to minions. Range increases at each level. Damage is minimal. Damage and slow percentage increases per level.

    Effects - Throws a dagger at high speed.

    2nd Skill (Shadow Blades) P…

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  • Phyrexian Shadow

    Innate: Magnetic Pulse - Everytime Magnetron casts a spell he sends out a magnetic pulse arround him dealing damage to all enemies surrounding him. Enemies affected are stunned for 0.2 sec. Minions that are affected are pushed back. Champions that are affected are granted debuff called Static.

    1st Skill: Ground Shock - Magnetron smashes the ground with his right arm dealing damage and slowing all enemies surrounding Magnetron.

    2nd Skill: Static Aura (Passive) - Gains bonus armor and magic resist. (Activated) - Creates a barrier around Magnetron that deals damage per second to all enemies surrounding magnetron. Random enemies are stunned for 0.01 sec. Bonus armor and magic resist are doubled.

    3rd Skill: Magnetic Particle Cannon - Magnetron us…

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