Innate: (Shadow Dance) - Blade evades the next enemy spell that would be cast on him. After Shadow Dance is activated Blade gains bonus movement speed and attack speed for couple of seconds. Cooldown of Shadow Dance decreases per level. Bonus movement speed and attack speed increases per level.

Effects - Model fades for a moment leaving dark smoke or fog. Example: Looks like when Nightcrawler of Xmen teleports.

1st Skill - (Shrouded Dagger) Deals damage to target enemy and slowing its movement speed and revealing its location for a couple of seconds. Deals pure damage to minions. Range increases at each level. Damage is minimal. Damage and slow percentage increases per level.

Effects - Throws a dagger at high speed.

2nd Skill (Shadow Blades) Passive - Blade gains bonus attack damage. (increases per level) Active - Blade deals bonus damage on his next basic attack and causes the enemy to miss his next basic. (increases per level)

3rd Skill (Shadowy Illusion) Blade marks champion and channels for 2 second. If an enemy champion tries to cast a single target spell or tries to hit him with a basic attack he blinks to the champion he has marked. If the champion is an enemy, that champion will be dealt damage. (increases per level) If no enemy champion used a spell or lands a basic attack on Blade, he gains bonus movement speed and bonus attack damage.

Last Skill (Tri Assault) Blade blinks at target enemy champion dealing damage then goes back to his previous position. This skill can be activated two more times. A delay is applied before activating it again. Range increases per level. Delay decreases per level. Damage increases per level.

'Effects -' First Activation - Straight Stab, Second Activation - Appears at the side of the enemy champion then passes through the enemy dealing damage, Third Activation - Appears at the top of the enemy champion then dashes down through the enemy dealing damage. When he shifts back to his position or when shifts to attack the enemy he uses Shadow Dance making him invulnerable to most spells when timed properly. He can be killed while he is using the skill.