Innate: Magnetic Pulse - Everytime Magnetron casts a spell he sends out a magnetic pulse arround him dealing damage to all enemies surrounding him. Enemies affected are stunned for 0.2 sec. Minions that are affected are pushed back. Champions that are affected are granted debuff called Static.

1st Skill: Ground Shock - Magnetron smashes the ground with his right arm dealing damage and slowing all enemies surrounding Magnetron.

2nd Skill: Static Aura (Passive) - Gains bonus armor and magic resist. (Activated) - Creates a barrier around Magnetron that deals damage per second to all enemies surrounding magnetron. Random enemies are stunned for 0.01 sec. Bonus armor and magic resist are doubled.

3rd Skill: Magnetic Particle Cannon - Magnetron uses his left arm to fire shocking pulse at target enemy dealing damage and stunning the enemy for 1.5 sec. Has 1 sec channeling.

Special Skill: Magnetic Pull - Pulls all enemy champions to him dealing damage. Magnetic Pull has a higher range to champions affected by Static Debuff.

Um this hero is a Tank. Just an idea.