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  • I live in Russia
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is politician
  • I am one hundred per cent male.
  • Pickintheeyes1994

    Ever played bot lane and fell behind because of an unfavorable match up? Did your teammates flame you? Did that tilt you? I have a love poem, for every Lulu main, and for every friendly ADC, that all that truly matters is your relationship. Stay positive, and we can reduce the toxicity, with poetry!

    Most delicious of saps - flowing purple
    You and Pix - all I ever desired
    Please, don't base, let me further admire
    How you shield me, while I run in circles

    I'll fulfill every whimsy of yours
    And I hope you will once realise
    How your wild growth affects me... So nice
    like the ripples that sleep on your shores.

    When you jump around I feel the need
    To give you each and every of asters
    That I pick while they take down our towers.

    They're attacking - just incr…

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  • Pickintheeyes1994


    Ten CS disadvantage in the mid lane, oh Annie
    you may have the most precious of my jungle blues.
    Don't use ult on the creeps - just lasthit with your q's
    Ten CS disadvantage in the mid lane, oh Annie
    what would I be without you? - An abandoned mummy
    which just cries every day, I would have no excuse
    Ten CS disadvantage in the mid lane, oh Annie
    you may have the most precious of my jungle blues...


    The aspect of the serpent, soon to be fully stacked,
    but - so suddenly - lifeflash - and the onslaught of shadows -
    Before my very eyes - confident - yet intact
    The aspect of the serpent, soon to be fully stacked,
    You'll forever be stoned - one of my lovely hallows
    that's the love of the serpent - it's absurd, yet abstract
    The aspect of the serpent, soon to…

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  • Pickintheeyes1994

    All these capture points in the eyes of young Ezreal,
    As he runs through the dust searching for a health relic -
    The decreasing lifebar and the wounds are as real
    As the shadow of Zed chasing him, oh wait - Taric!

    While the Lux in our base wonders "What does it mean?"
    Take this Imbue, the lust, you will always remember
    Please, forget all the darkness, the blood on your screen -
    I will love you, forget of my death, don't surrender!

    As the new hope is rising upon Crystal Scar,
    I will use the speed shrines, I will fight, trust me, I will
    Cleanse the stuns, keep on kiting, rinse all of my scars --
    And avenge you, I will... I will repay our rivals.

    I won't capture the boneyard. I won't even type "worth" ---
    I won't finish this game. I'll wait for your rebir…

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