Ever played bot lane and fell behind because of an unfavorable match up? Did your teammates flame you? Did that tilt you? I have a love poem, for every Lulu main, and for every friendly ADC, that all that truly matters is your relationship. Stay positive, and we can reduce the toxicity, with poetry!

The poem

Most delicious of saps - flowing purple
You and Pix - all I ever desired
Please, don't base, let me further admire
How you shield me, while I run in circles

I'll fulfill every whimsy of yours
And I hope you will once realise
How your wild growth affects me... So nice
like the ripples that sleep on your shores.

When you jump around I feel the need
To give you each and every of asters
That I pick while they take down our towers.

They're attacking - just increase your own speed
I can flash, keep on running, please, faster!
You and me. You and me... All that matters.