"Dominion and subminion"

All these capture points in the eyes of young Ezreal,
As he runs through the dust searching for a health relic -
The decreasing lifebar and the wounds are as real
As the shadow of Zed chasing him, oh wait - Taric!

While the Lux in our base wonders "What does it mean?"
Take this Imbue, the lust, you will always remember
Please, forget all the darkness, the blood on your screen -
I will love you, forget of my death, don't surrender!

As the new hope is rising upon Crystal Scar,
I will use the speed shrines, I will fight, trust me, I will
Cleanse the stuns, keep on kiting, rinse all of my scars --
And avenge you, I will... I will repay our rivals.

I won't capture the boneyard. I won't even type "worth" ---
I won't finish this game. I'll wait for your rebirth.

My idea on how to prevent toxicity.

Riot should add love to the game. Emotes that express love - the current emotes are mostly used to be rude to your opponents/teammates :(. Maybe a little heart popping up <3! I understand that the most bizarre offenders likely not be affected, but some people certainly will! Imagine your games being filled with love... The honor idea was nice, but it is way too formal, because of it people try to compete.. If you could only show other people love, at least some kind of it, they would be friendlier and don't rage :). That's just my opinion, what do you think?