• Pikachu150

    First time trying this, do'nt know much about ap or ad ratios but I got most of the other stuff done.

    Gwendolyn the Toxic Step backround

    As a young girl, Gwendolyn grew in Zaun and wished to be in the spotlight. Being an ambitious girl she learned to dance at an early age, and by her early 20s she was a renowned dancer. However, after rejecting a suitor's advances she suffered a "mysterious" accident that left her feeet horribly burned by a corrosive acid. Filled with despair she nearly gave up on her dreams, until a promiment Zaunite scientist saw potential in her. He outfitted her with biomechanical feet taht would function as her own, with the added bonus of spreading the very same acid that burned her. Now, hoping to get back into the sp…

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