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  • Pjheric

    Basic Concept

    A ninja that has fallen into the Void, absorbed the quintessence of the Void itself. She is old, but (just like Poppy) doesn't look that old (Or does she? She wears a mask resembling a white fox with a ripped eye, making her face unrecognizable)

    Basic Lore- She started her training as a kunoichi with Kusho, father of Shen and former master of Zed. However, she became more and more jealous about power, and wounded Kusho in order to get the scroll about the mysterious land called Icathia.

    She (somehow; I don't know how this part will go yet) traveled to Icathia and the Void, deeply interested for her lust for power, absorbed her soul and merged it with the Core of the Void, the largest Voidstone. Now, she only has her wicked perso…

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  • Pjheric
    Passive- Summon Foxlings 

    Iza passively summons Foxlings every 45 seconds. Foxlings are untargettable, but for every time she loses 10% of her maximum health, Foxlings dissapear, one by one.  Foxlings work like floating turrets, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Foxlings prioritize their attacks to whoever she is targetting. There can be only 6 Foxlings at once, and her W and R changes based on the amount of Foxlings around her.

    Q- Bells of Chaos (20/18/16/14/10 sec.), (100/100/60/60/0 mana)

    Passive- Foxlings gain a short boost on their damage for a short amount of time when they are relocated. 

    Active- Rings her bell, dealing magic damage on a cone shape. Minions and jungle monsters are revealed for a short amount of time, while champio…

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