Passive- Summon Foxlings 

Iza passively summons Foxlings every 45 seconds. Foxlings are untargettable, but for every time she loses 10% of her maximum health, Foxlings dissapear, one by one.  Foxlings work like floating turrets, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Foxlings prioritize their attacks to whoever she is targetting. There can be only 6 Foxlings at once, and her W and R changes based on the amount of Foxlings around her.

Q- Bells of Chaos (20/18/16/14/10 sec.), (100/100/60/60/0 mana)

Passive- Foxlings gain a short boost on their damage for a short amount of time when they are relocated. 

Active- Rings her bell, dealing magic damage on a cone shape. Minions and jungle monsters are revealed for a short amount of time, while champions are both scilenced and revealed. It can also relocate Foxlings, and they automatically prioritize enemy champions near them if revealed.

W- Drain

Iza drains the life of her Foxlings, healing herself and recharging her mana. This skill uses up all of her Foxlings at once, but the cooldown for her passive is reduced 5/10/15/20/25 seconds, based on the skill level.

  • 3 or less Foxlings- heals 120 (+2.5% of her remaining health) health for every Foxling.
  • 4-5 Foxlings- heals 150 (+3.5% of her remaining health) health for every Foxling
  • 6 Foxlings- heals 220 (+5% of her remaining health) health for every Foxling.

E- Void Slash (60/130/270/340/700 damage +0.2 AP)

Iza dashes forward and slashes, dealing physical damage plus extra magic damage based on the amount of Foxlings.

Can be used twice more (up to 3 times), but deals 5% less damage each time.

R- Waltz of Cunning (200/100/80 sec. cooldown)

Reveals all enemy champions in the map for 10 seconds; Iza can teleport (1.5 sec.) to either allied champions at any range or to any enemy at a 3000 range. If she targets an enemy in her range, Foxlings are doomed, dealing 200 magic damage (+20% of her AP) per Foxling to a single enemy. Foxlings are then dismissed to the Void, and the cooldown for her passive becomes twice for 5 minutes.

My original idea, but GREATLY influenced from Izayoi Cuemon from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (I really don't know how to spell this thing); Im a great tokusatsu fan since very young, and got great influences (btw, in the real show, the character is a boy, even though he is voiced by a woman.)

I just started this game 5-6 months ago, and I am planning her to be an assasin and a dealer. Based off of Master Yi, but also includes some aspects of other champs, like Dinger, Yasuo, TF, Cho'gath, etc.