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    Lets Talk Yasuo

    March 10, 2014 by Plazmalord117

    Some of you might be wondering, who are you and why would we care about what you think about Yasuo? The truth is, everything about Yasuo effects everyone in the League community who plays with Yasuo.

    One: His Early Game

    People say build stattik shiv first. Just like Tryndamere! The problem here is, with Shiv, Yasuo lacks the damage early game to assassinate. He pretty much depends on the opponent making a bad move. I don't know why this works on Trynd (It just does), but it seems to be a kind of bad choice with Yauso. I'd go for Vampiric Scepter first, and then split-build Ravenous and Stattik shiv. Note: This takes up all of your inventory space...

    Two: Falling Behind

    If Yasuo falls behind early, he sucks late and midgame. He can't do anythin…

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