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    Everything in this post is ™ & © Wizards of the Coast art by D.Alexander Gregory

    Nicol Bolas, the Elder Dragon is a my rendition of Nicol Bolas, from Magic: the Gathering.

    If Bolas gets within 175 range of an enemy unit, he touches that unit, dealing as true damage and applying on-hit effects.

    "To think you've spent years honing your body only to die like this." |description2= Bolas takes 50% less physical and magic damage. He is immune to true damage and pure damage.
    "Pain is a delusion of the weak. I'll demonstrate." }} }}

    Bolas fires a fireball in a line. He can recast the ability to detonate the fireball, or it will detonate at the end of its range. On collision with a champion or upon explosion, the fireball will apply Torment for 3 seconds.


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    Hey there, it's PS, back for one more Channeler. It's been a while since I last got on here, and I must say there are risks my presence will be on a huge down for the foreseeable future due to me having so many other hobbies. I worked the last of Eina's abilities in the last two days and I got enough in the tank for the rest of the Channelers. I hope you'll be satisfied, and there is a tiny little bonus at the end.

    Eina, the Black Channeler is a custom champion. She looks far more mundane than even the rest of the Channelers, having no traits that hint at an inhuman species but the occasional red-eye moment. With her long black hair and primarily white and black outfit, she is influenced by the emo subculture in contrast to the rest of the …

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    Piak, the Deathly Cold is a custom champion in the SMNK custom champion series.
    Piak is an embodiment of the coldness of death. As such, he is a cold person, preserving methodical precision in his "duty" to quell life itself.

    Piak is a melee battle-mage.

    His strengths center around his massive soft CC contribution with his array of , with his basic attacks refreshing the duration of all active slows. His damage is mostly dealt over time, and provided he has mana, his damage will stay consistent.

    Piak has the weakness of being low in terms of burst and mobility. His utility is very limited to slow with almost no hard CC. His sturdiness is also dependent on him getting in real melee range to use Chill Spike, and early on, it doesn't mean much as h…

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    Momo, the Red Channeler is a custom champion.

    Momo's a redhead with long hair. As a goblin girl, she's quite small, and has two little horns protruding out her forehead, with a fang showing out her mouth. She's armed with an orange spear with axe-like blades near the tip so she uses both slashing and stabbing attacks, and despite her small size, her strength allows her to wield it as if it had the weight of a feather. When using Peach Possession, Peach appears and floats behind Momo. Peach has long peach-colored hair (that's where her name comes from after all) wears red mage robes that hide hooved legs.

    In gameplay, Momo is a health-intensive fighter, with Peach providing her healing effects to contrast her health costs. Momo is stronger the …

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    Saski, the Tread Incarnate is a custom champion in the SMNK custom champion series.
    Saski is a representation image of Demacia: angelic in all meanings of the words... on the surface.
    Beneath her heavenly appearance lies a mechanically-emotionless drive to uphold Demacia's law with no rest for herself, and no mercy for her enemies. Every swing of her crystalline sword rends space from a distance - and as such, Saski is the only permanently- sword user (her attacks do not utilize projectiles and resemble ).

    Saski's gameplay patterns are mostly defensive in nature, to ensure that none gets in the way of order.
    Therefore, Saski can be referred to as a warden among marksmen: with her powerful defensive abilities, she can effectively protect hersel…

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