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    Here it is, my very first custom item!
    Naturally, this seems like a very experimental item as this is my first time making custom items -- which may not exactly be true since a certain troll post (an old one about laner items) and a very old custom champion of mine (Xywzekszykwy) featured unique (though not good) items.

    So let me introduce you to Eunju's Spear. This is an early-game item meant for divers who need sustain for staying power. With a malleable early build path (though the final must come in one shot), it is meant to be accessible to whoever requires it, and its relatively low total cost ensures it can be accessed earlier than many "complete" items. Stacking the item requires facing enemy champions and taking damage from them, wh…

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  • Poisonshark

    Folby, the Magiforger is a custom champion in the SMNK custom champion series.

    Folby is a support-tank who is entirely centered about his passive Ascadium Armor. His kit features extensive control over the armor, and Folby can achieve various effects by attaching it to allies or enemies. His primary role, however, is giving the armor to his allies for extra sturdiness.

    • Ascadium Armor is a two-part passive.
      • The first part describes his unique asset, the Ascadium Armor that is his pride. He passes it on to his allies to give them extra armor and magic resistance, though it gives him incentive to build armor in particular.
      • The second part is the potential offensive use of his armor. With help from allies, Folby can attach the armor to his enemies as …

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  • Poisonshark

    Chiharu, the Green Channeler is a custom champion.
    Chiharu is a green-haired girl, with flowers and a vine crown growing in her hair. She has a few plant-like aspects to herself, though she's more a "flower-lady" than a "tree-lady", to use her terms. She is constantly accompanied by Daisy, who appears as a one-eyed demon covered in darkness, with eye-ended tentacles sprouting from her back. She's also wearing a long, stained white dress with a thick golden neck-lining.
    In gameplay, Chiharu is an assassin who relies on Daisy to poke the enemy and get enough damage amplifications to burst them in one rotation.

    When Chiharu is near a brush, a Primrose blooms in it. It is visible to enemies even from out of the brush. Primroses stay alive for 300 sec…

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  • Poisonshark

    Taoh, the Bringer of Fear is a custom champion in the SMNK custom champion series.

    Taoh is an attempt at creating a melee-based marksman (as contradictory as it may sound), based on inducing fear. Unlike , Taoh retains a marksman-based, and thus ranged, kit.
    All his skills are based on maximizing his passive, Fear Empowering, with Dark Pressure giving him a free hit, Deadland Walker allowing him to refresh its cooldown, and Chaotic Knuckle giving true damage when used in combination with it. Taoh's ultimate applies an extra effect that forces the enemies to flee from him while he's under its effect.
    Taoh's relative strengths lie in his high damage, crowd control, and lack of melee-range weakness as well as his resourcelessness. However, Taoh's…

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  • Poisonshark

    Mima, the Yellow Channeler is a custom champion. (See: Hana, the Blue Channeler)
    Mima is a rather tall, light-blonde girl, always dressed with a in very rich fashion. Her visual unique features (aside from her fashion sense) would be her unicorn-like legs (yes, she has hooves) and the golden horn on her forehead. When Belle is summoned (see Spirit Tag), she appears over Mima as a half-transparent classy cat-woman with odd hairdresses for her haircut to simulate the Sphinx's looks, and otherwise wearing lots of gold. However, since she's a spirit, it all is half-transparent, which cuts a bit on the bling-bling aspect...
    In gameplay, Mima is a marksman-mage who is based around dealing huge damage in a few impressive shots, which reflects her de…

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