Health 484 +74 Attack damage 52 +3
Health regen. 6.05 +0.65 Attack speed [*] 0.665  (+ 0 +3.2%)
Mana 300 +45 Armor 22 +2.09
Mana regen. 7.03 +0.71 Magic resist. 30 +0
Range 525 +0 Move. speed 330 +0
Marksman icon Marksman Saski
the Tread Incarnate

Champion attribute background

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Secondary Bar:Mana resource Mana
Champion style basic attacks inactiveChampion style 70Champion style abilities active
Champion difficulty 2

Saski, the Tread Incarnate is a custom champion in the SMNK custom champion series.
Saski is a representation image of Demacia: angelic in all meanings of the words... on the surface.
Beneath her heavenly appearance lies a mechanically-emotionless drive to uphold Demacia's law with no rest for herself, and no mercy for her enemies. Every swing of her crystalline sword rends space from a distance - and as such, Saski is the only permanently-Ranged role ranged sword user (her attacks do not utilize projectiles and resemble KayleSquare Kayle's Righteous Fury Righteous Fury).


Saski's gameplay patterns are mostly defensive in nature, to ensure that none gets in the way of order.
Therefore, Saski can be referred to as a warden among marksmen: with her powerful defensive abilities, she can effectively protect herself - for a while. Gratiam gives her a Maw of Malmortius item Lifegrip-like last chance at dealing damage, while Gloria destroys projectiles and wards off melee champions dashing at her. Her relatively amazing defense has drawbacks: the short active periods and long cooldowns of these two abilities mean that Saski has to play safe otherwise, as her 525 range allows a bit less freedom as some other marksmen when it comes to positioning, so her defense might not always be present when she needs it. When her strongest lines of defense fall, she is overly reliant on Sacred Grounds to slow the opponent down.

Saski being a defensive champion, she has to get offensive support to even have any sort of kill threat, as her damage is comparatively non-stellar without Gradus and she has no offensive utility to guarantee a kill barring the walls around Elysium's impressive area of effect and Initium's global reach coupled with Divinus's increased range during Elysium.

STATIC COOLDOWN: 120 - 90 (based on level)
Demacia Crest icon

"It is the way we are, superior."

Passive: When Saski takes damage that reduces her life below 30% of her maximum health, she gains 30% - 60% (based on level) bonus attack speed for the next 3 seconds. She also gains 30% - 100% (based on level) damage reduction, decaying to 30% over the duration.

Ability Details
Gratiam is a self-buff.

Additional Information:

  • Gratiam translates to "grace".

COST: 40 mana
Demacia Crest icon

"It is the code by which we all abide."

Active: For the next 6 seconds or the next 3 basic attacks, Saski's attack speed is fixed to 2.00, with her basic attacks dealing modified damage.

  • Damage multiplier: 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75% ( × attack speed)

Her basic attacks also deal a percentage of their damage to all enemies in a 45° cone area centered on the target up to its maximum range, and the third basic attack deals bonus physical damage to its target.

  • Spread damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 %
  • Last hit bonus physical damage: 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 % of the target's missing health

Gradus resets Saski's autoattack timer.

Ability Details
Gradus is a basic attack modifier.

Additional Information:

  • Gradus translates to "tread".
  • Gradus enters cooldown after the third basic attack hits or when the buff timer runs out.
  • The timer does not run when Saski is unable to use basic attacks or when she is using a basic attack.

COST: 90 mana
COOLDOWN: 25 / 22 / 19 / 16 / 13
RANGE: 300
Demacia Crest icon

"It is the symbol of our greatness."

Active: Saski creates a halo that expands to its maximum range over the first 0.25 seconds, destroying all enemy projectiles (with the exception of turret shots) and Knockdown icon stopping all dashes that come into contact with it. The halo stays active over 1 second.

The halo is considered as Sacred Ground, and the Sacred Ground created by this ability remains around Saski for a total 3 seconds.

Ability Details
Gloria is a self-targeted aura.

Additional Information:

  • Gloria translates to "halo".
  • Saski is able to move during Gloria's cast time, and Gloria does not interrupt Saski's movement commands.

COST: 65 mana
RANGE: 1000
Demacia Crest icon

"It is my presence, that which you feel."

Passive: Enemy champions within Sacred Ground are slowed by 20% while walking towards Saski for 3 seconds. After applying, the slow cannot be applied on the same champion again for a certain amount of time.

  • On-target cooldown: 11 / 9 / 7 / 5 / 3

Active: Saski projects an aura in target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies it hits.

  • Physical damage: 65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+ 60% bonus AD)

Upon hitting an enemy champion, the projectile detonates and creates a Sacred Ground that stays for 3 seconds.

  • Sacred Ground Radius: 300
Ability Details
Divinus is a direction-targeted pass-through skillshot that collides with champions only.

Additional Information:

  • Divinus translates to "divine".

COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 180 / 160 / 140
RANGE: 625
RADIUS: 1000 / 1300 / 1600
Demacia Crest icon

"It is what you see, it is what I am."

Active: Saski blinks to the center of target Sacred Ground, changing its duration to 6 seconds, increasing its radius, Root icon rooting herself and becoming immune to displacement effects (she may still be Stun icon stunned or Silence icon silenced, but preventing her from casting abilities does not end the effects of Elysium).

While under the effect of Elysium, the borders of Sacred Grounds are considered impassable terrain, the range of Saski's basic attacks becomes equal to the radius of the Sacred Ground, while Divinus gets the radius of the Sacred Ground added to its range and it detonates at the end of its range.

Once within the duration, Saski may cast Initium.

Ability Details
Elysium is an auto-targeted blink, area of effect ability and a self-buff.

Additional Information:

  • If standing within multiple Sacred Grounds, Saski dashes to the Sacred Ground center point closest to the cursor.
RANGE: Global
Demacia Crest icon

"It is but the rite of passage."

Active: Saski Airborne icon knocks all enemy champions within Sacred Grounds away from her. Champions cannot be knocked beyond the border of a Sacred Ground.

  • Knockback range: 600

Saski keeps channeling for 3 seconds, dealing physical damage to all enemies within Sacred Grounds every 0.25 second.

Physical damage:
20 / 30 / 40 (+ 10% bonus AD)
Total physical damage:
240 / 360 / 480 (+ 120% bonus AD)
Ability Details
Initium is an auto-targeted area of effect ability.


A self-claimed embodiment of Demacia's will, Saski is a warrior as fierce as she is beautiful. Her angelic robes and piercing blue eyes radiate a holy aura that leaves a feeling of awe in her enemies. She is extremely zealous and driven to maintain Demacia's ideals. Relentless in her pursuit of absolute justice, the time she doesn't spend on the battlefield is spent with her gaze turned homeward, correcting every last imperfection she sees.

Of the few who even know her name, none seems to be able to trace Saski's origins. Due to the mysteries surrounding her, multiple theories have arisen: one says that she's an eternal spirit of Demacia, who arises when the nation's power starts to wane; others say she's a young girl of peasant origins (pointing that a peasant-born girl named Saskia Friedsehren disappeared a few days before Saski surfaced); some more says that she's an spirit artificially-created by magic, normally a taboo fact that Demacia would do well to hide. Saski herself does not speak about that: in fact, she's so driven about maintaining the Demacian order and exterminating Noxians to the last that she has not been reported to speak outside of her self-given "duty" to bring Demacia to glory again.

The only thing she has claimed is to be the bringer of Demacia's will, and that she existed to purge every last stain on the world so that it may be pure.

"Pardoning the bad is injuring the good."
― Saski


  • "Our lifeblood was spilt as our oath to serve justice."
  • "It is rightful to put the unjust to the pyre."
  • "No matter how long it has been since: every single misstep requires punishment."
  • "Judgement for everyone."
  • "My punishment is proportionate to your sins. You likely won't survive."
  • "Resisting the world's dutiful fate is futile."
  • "Clean every stain."


  • "Our power and nobility is self-aggrandizing only to the envious."
  • "If our cleanness is lifeless, you should reconsider your definition of life."
  • "Personal desires? Liable at best..."
  • "Jaywalking is but the first step in the wrong direction."
  • "Demacia abides by order, as justice ordains. Your speaking up is only babbling."
  • "Allowance to touch our sanctity requires one to fit specific criteria."
  • "None from outside even reaches my ear."
  • "Our flesh is vulnerable, but our spirit is untouchable."
  • "Demacia and I will live on forever."
  • "The Measured Tread is the code. I am the guide."
  • "Demacia commands. You obey."
  • "I am a true Demacian."

Triggering Gratiam

  • "No. You may. Not!"
  • "Nothing can stop me!"
  • "I refuse!"

Using Gradus

  • "Absolute order!"
  • "Submit!"
  • "Repent!"
  • "Purge injustice!"

Using Gloria

  • "Pointless!"
  • "The light of the future!"
  • "Unimportant!"
  • "Watch!"

Using Divinus

  • "Behold!"
  • "I am but a medium."
  • "Sacredness, come forth!"
  • "Shine!"

Using Elysium

  • "Utopia!"
  • "DEMACIA!"

Using Initium

  • "I will initiate you."
  • "Watch a pure world!"


  • "How dare..."
  • "What is the meaning of this?"
  • "I am not supposed to die!"


  • "How dare you break the traffic laws!? Taste steel, fiend!"
  • "Your punishment for speaking without waiting for your turn will be having your tongue cut."
  • "Killing is bad. Except when it's not a Demacian. Then you can torture them, burn them alive, it's fine!"

Taunting a Noxian champion

  • "Noxus is a disease. We are the cure!"
  • "The very existence of Noxus proves that the rest of you have a way to go."
  • "Noxus must be destroyed!"

Taunting a Demacian champion

  • "I can see the merest stain on Demacia's name."
  • "DEMACIA!"
  • "Let us see how rightful you are."
  • (against FioraSquare Fiora) "Your blade has killed too many Demacians to be truly pure."
  • (against GalioSquare Galio) "Your existence is not the sin. Your lack of drive, however..."
  • (against GarenSquare Garen) "Let me cure you of your desire to face 'her'..."
  • (against Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV) "I will decide if you are truly worthy of the throne..."
  • (against KayleSquare Kayle) "You may reside in Demacia, but you are not a true Demacian."
  • (against LuxSquare Lux) "This pitiful façade is worthless."
  • (against PoppySquare Poppy) "Your hammer is for a hero. I am much more."
  • (against QuinnSquare Quinn) "Do not think your potential allows you to step out of line."
  • (against ShyvanaSquare Shyvana) "Accept your servitude to our calling."
  • (against Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao) "Time to see if you have truly sworn off the filthy killer you have been..."

Taunting an enemy TaricSquare Taric

  • "You are too weak to have your place in here. Begone!"

Taunting an enemy Folby

  • "Mutated what? How dare you assume I'm something you can understand!?"
  • "We don't need a problematic specimen like you. Who brought you back?"
  • "Cease your struggle. We are in absolute control."


  • 07/02/2017
    • Gloria
      • Tooltip fixed to mention that it only destroys enemy projectiles.
  • 06/02/2017
    • Gradus
      • Damage multiplier changed to 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75%  × attack speed from 110% / 115% / 120% / 125% / 130% ( × 0.5 × attack speed).
      • Tooltip clarified.
  • 24/01/2017
    • Posted.
  • 12/12/2016
    • Sandboxed.
"5000 years ago, amidst the infinite desert, a great city was flourishing. However, even a flower amidst the desert has its shadow..."
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