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This is a short post, to address one little question...

Why is the laning phase team organization as it is?

See, on Summoner's Rift, I understand from the consensus that a tank or a bruiser goes top-lane, a high-damage caster goes mid, a marksman and a support go bot, and there's one man in the jungle who can be pretty much everything as long as they have sustain, ganking potential, and/or the ability to farm up really well and become another carry by the end-game (this last type does not shine these days because "afk junglers" are not well-received).

My question here is: "Why does it have to be this way?"
Can't you have an XerathSquare electro death machine in bot lane to bully the enemy marksman from long-range and burst him to 10% or no health?
Can't you have an GravesSquare awesome cigar man bully the enemy top-laner from his superior range with only minor fear of retaliation?
Can't you have RenektonSquare SOS Croco go mid-lane to soak up the enemy mage's burst and bust their face up?

After all, if a matchup is advantageous, why not change lanes to pick on an opponent? As long as the team is still balanced (read: deals physical and magic damage, in burst or over time, with a tank or two to soak the enemy team's damage, has some CC), outplaying the champions based on their roles could be viable and win games, since the enemy team would have to resort to lane-swapping to beat the matchup advantages that would've been created by the following rock-paper-scissors: Tank beats Mage beats Marksman [rinse and repeat].

Any thoughts on this?

The AnswersEdit

Based on answers I've seen...

  • Mid-lane, being the shortest, is made for the champions who don't have the mobility to retreat to their turret quickly. They need it closer to them. Plus, the minions get there faster, meaning that experience comes a bit earlier in this lane, which is why level-dependent assassins are there despite being mobile.
  • Bot-lane, being close to the DragonSquare dragon, is an important place to have control over, and to that aim, you'll need two persons there. Since the Marksman starts out weak, he needs a support to carry him, and therefore, since they're two, they occupy bottom lane to give their team presence around DragonSquare Dragon. Plus, marksman only needs gold from creep-score, and supports have their support items to gain gold now.
  • Top-lane is less important, since Baron NashorSquare Baron can only be taken well after the laning phase is over. Therefore, the champions who can do well alone, bruisers, go in there. It's like playing stat-off on a desert island for the whole laning phase though... Maybe that's why it's my favourite lane..?
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