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Any Nice Vi Guides For Season 5?

Ponteo2345 November 30, 2014 User blog:Ponteo2345


Hi Guys!! My name is ponteo2345 I'am finding a lot of Season 5 Jungle Vi Guides and all of it is useless.Since S4 I'm playing Vi as my Main (Just borrowing from my Classmates) and they are surprised how I play Vi deadly.I sometimes take Triple Kills and Legendary (I could'nt take Quadra or Penta too hard.. -_-).Well can you guys show me what best Jungle Routes,Items,Masteries and Runes(BTW I don't have Runes take more Champs before buying Runes).


My Items and Jungle RoutesEdit

(Before S5)

(Same for Blue and Red Teams)

Red(Smite) -> Blue(Smite) -> Golems -> Wraiths(Smite) -> Wolves -> Wight(Smite) -> Gank -> Victory


(Blue Team)

Red(Smite) -> Raptors(Use Pot #1) -> Wolves(Smite and Use Pot #2) -> Blue(Executed) (Fck -_-) -> Defeat

(Red Team)

Blue(Smite) -> Wolves -> Raptors(Smite and Use Pot #1) -> Red(Executed) (Dammit -_-) -> Defeat

Well I see a nice Route to Victory:

Krugs(Smite for Stun Buff)  -> Red(Smite if Ready) -> Wolves(Use Pot #1) -> Blue(Smite and Use Pot #2) -> Gank -> Repeat -> Gank -> Repeat -> Victory

Item Build: 

(Season 4)


Hunter's Machete,HP Pots x4 or x5?


Spirit Stone,HP Pots x2 and Boots


Spirit Of The Elder Lizard -> Wit's End/BoTRK/Or any AS/AD Item,Black Cleaver,TriForce,Youmuu's Ghostblade/Last Whisper,Randuin's Omen and Ionian Boots Of Lucidity -> Zephyr

Suggested Items:

Ravenous Hydra,Infinity Edge,Phantom Dancer,The Bloodthirster(Not going back to Base)

Season 5

Same Items except for the Spirit Of The Elder Lizard is Skirmisher's Sabre/Ranger's Trailblazer-Warrior but I found a Video that it is better to have a Ranger's Trailblazer since due to it's AoE Damage and Stun

Skill BuildEdit

This is my Skill Build:

Q: 3 4 5 9 10

W: 1 7 12 14 17

E: 2 8 13 15 18

R: 6 11 16

Thank you for Reading my Blog and please comment what you want no Trashtalk please :D

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