Note - all of Europhalanx's abilities can be held for 15 seconds before casting. (you have to click twice) And you get your ult at level 1.

Passive - After taking damage that would do 10% or higher of his current health, Europhalanx will do extra 25% damage on his next ability

Q - Europhalanx shoots a fire ball which will do a small nuke, then a small DoT after.

W - Europhalanx will call forth an ice bomb which will stun players for one second and do damage.

E - Europhalanx will cause ground to rise in an area, knocking up champions, and creating impassable terrain (kinda like trundle e) and doing damage.

R - Europhalanx can chain his abilities, (each ability can be held for 15 seconds) and different combinations will do different effects, and the stronger the combos are, the more mana cost. (cooldown will be around 15-30 seconds) To cast said abilities, chain the abilities and cast R.


Q + Q = A huge single target nuke with a huge DoT

Q + Q + Q = A huge AoE nuke with a huge DoT

W + W = Dealing extra damage, will slow after the stun.

W + W + W = Freeze them so much, that their attack speed will be lowered, and their slow will have an increased duration

E + E = Instead of a pillar, will create a wall that will knock up and do damage

E + E + E = Can recast E up to two times, making a total of 3 pillars.

Q + Q + E = Creates a slightly larger pillar that will burn players near it

W + W + E = Creates a slightly larger pillar that will slow players near it, and do small amounts of damage.

Q + W + E = Curses an area, and after 2 seconds, the area will create a boundary (like jarvan ult, but smaller) and inside the boundary will have DoTs, Stuns, Slows, etc.

He is a bit OP right now, so any suggestions?