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  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is Dancing
  • I am A Potato
  • PotatoaDancing

    Keras, the Prodigy of Serias is a figment of my imagination...for now.

    Keras deals 10% reduced spell damage. While in combat, Keras deals +1% increased spell damage for every second he remains in combat (stacking up to 20 times). After exiting combat for 8 seconds he will lose 1 stack every 3 seconds until he reenters combat.

    |description2 = All of Keras' spells apply 'Mark of Inspiration' to enemies struck for 3 seconds. Mark of Inspiration provides additional effects for his spells and is refreshed upon each activation. *For clarity this only refreshes the Marks that are actually activated by the spells. }}

    Keras instantly deals magic damage to a target. If the target has 'Mark of Inspiration' applied to them half of the damage is dealt ag…
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  • PotatoaDancing

    Viasnu, the Dark Puppeteer is a figment of my imagination...for now.

    Viasnu is just a concept I've had sitting in my head for awhile but never really got the urge to throw out, until that Harrowing video anyways. So I don't have any lore planned for him/her and I don't think they have to be from the Shadow Isles either. Just thought it'd be cool to have a champion that made use of puppets and the like.

    Nearby champions that remain near Viasnu (including him/herself) for 6 seconds are marked with 'Artistry'. The mark persists for 30 seconds after leaving Forbidden Arts range. If the mark is expended through Viasnu's abilities there is a 12 second static cooldown before it can be reapplied to the affected champion

    |description2 = Upon killing a…

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  • PotatoaDancing

    Ieridan, the Blue Marker is a figment of my imagination...for now.

    Ieridan is a mixture of some ideas that have been bouncing through my brain. He is very young looking yet extremely old mage from a long dead 'country' of Runeterra. He uses 'primal' magic being as I plan him to be among the first mages in Runeterra history. While formerly kind at the core of his being some rather unpleasant experiences have turned him into a sarcastic and vengeful man, as well as a strong and aggressive duelist mage. Considering my track record I probably missed the mark completely...So please give me some good criticism on him. Side note...I do plan on changing things when I give a second look once I have a day or two to give things to settle in my head. So…

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  • PotatoaDancing

    Nightingale, the Wyvern Fang is a figment of my imagination...for now.

    Okay, so Nightingale is originally an Ionian native who now works for Zaun that is intended to be a brawler the relies upon using 'War Hymn' and 'Harpy's Splendor' in order to avoid damage as she tears her target, or targets, apart. Side note...'Silent Night' is a reference to that old Christmas carol, if it's really that confusing I'll just switch it but meh. By the way if anyone could please explain to me how to get the resource thing working properly I would love you forever!!

    Years ago a young girl was born in a small Ionian village. Gifted with a golden voice she would often practice at her villages shrine for hours, and when not at the shrine she would play with her…

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  • PotatoaDancing

    Gale, The Lost Soul

    August 18, 2014 by PotatoaDancing

    Gale, the Lost Soul is a figment of my imagination...for now.

    Gale is an ancient Shuriman mage that was frozen in time during Xerath's catastrophe. She now exists as a roaming mage fighting on the behalf of Ionia being as her mind is usually reverted to that of a young child. Her kit is supposed to make her a bursty mage that can last for long periods of time in lane without having to return for mana.

    Long ago, before Shurima collapsed into ruin, there were great places of learning all across the land. Visionaries, inventors, poets, artists, intellectuals of all varieties were invited to study and share together. However there were none as great as the Royal Mage Academy in Shurima's capital city where even the great court mage Xerath himself…

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