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  • PrinceVinc

    This text is not mine I copied it from Mobafire and is written by DuffTime, every credit goes to him.

    But this certain chapter is excactly what I think it should be spread.


    Direct Link

    "Dude, get over it.

    Do you have eyes? Do you have a minimap?

    Do you have 0 map awareness, perhaps?

    It's YOUR job to watch the map and to know when players are coming or going.

    MIA's are a luxury, when a player has time to call his mia's, consider it a gift.

    But if you die to a gank, it's not the guy who didn't call MIA's fault, it's your fault.

    That's my firm opinion on the matter. If I read one more Tribunal case where a guy is sobbing his eyes out because his team didn't call MIA and he's feeding for it, I'm gonna go po…

    Read more >

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