This text is not mine I copied it from Mobafire and is written by DuffTime, every credit goes to him.

But this certain chapter is excactly what I think it should be spread.

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"Dude, get over it.

Do you have eyes? Do you have a minimap?

Do you have 0 map awareness, perhaps?

It's YOUR job to watch the map and to know when players are coming or going.

MIA's are a luxury, when a player has time to call his mia's, consider it a gift.

But if you die to a gank, it's not the guy who didn't call MIA's fault, it's your fault.

That's my firm opinion on the matter. If I read one more Tribunal case where a guy is sobbing his eyes out because his team didn't call MIA and he's feeding for it, I'm gonna go postal and force feed some haters a big warm cup of "Man up."

You died, not the guy who was mid. That's not his fault.

This is entirely -more- important as the top solo lane. They -will- be coming to gank you, both jungler's and roaming champions, and you need to be prepared for that.

If you're the low quality of player who doesn't buy wards, and doesn't know when a champion is missing, you probably shouldn't be in the solo lane. You'll need to work on your skills and techniques, and try the bottom lane for a while until you're able to ward effectively and play safely.

(This is not to imply bot lane is a no-skill-zone, rather to imply that someone might save your baddie *** if you don't know what a ward is, huehuehue.)

I think one of the European players said it best... "When I base, if I have around 300 extra gold, I just spend it allon wards. I don't even think about it."

Yes, shocking right? He was their AP carry, by the way. Not their support.

Moral of the story, buy wards, and stop blaming your team for your own mistakes, you little baddie =D"