22nd September 2011

Last night i just destroyed an enemy team as Galio, i couldnt believe the amount of damage delivered by him. I decided to main him as a character. There was also this part as my team suddenly got into a team fight as i was heading to them, i knew i would have been to late so i got the 3rd turret in mid and as i was about to get the inhibiter they were almost here i started to leave but as i started leaving they arrived. I suddenly shot out my gust and flashed away. I managed to get away but the saw me on he bot lane as i started heading back shaco got me and slowed me but i refused to die. I shot out my gust and hit ghost.

Their whole team was coming but so was mine. As they started getting close cat came around the corner from the river and hit her slow but i hit down another ghost and shot out out my LAZER and slowed them and as they all chased me i got close to my turret and my freind talon and then our team ganked them and destroyed them all. This was absoulotly brilliant i wish that i recorded that moment it was absoultly briallant.

The funny part is that after the called me a noob and that galio was op even though my score was 6/2/17, unfortunatly even though we did such an epic feat my team was quite useless at pushing and wouldnt push and so there team managed to kill us all and pushed and won. O well i still had a major blast. Galio is so epic, look out league of legends here comes princeoflol as GALIO lol.