• Prototypecz

    Hey community!

    So I was kinda bored at school and I came up with an idea of making custom champion! I want your opinion on her, hope you'll like it.

    Arianne is Assassin, anti-carry type of hero who can jungle too. She excel at taking off one enemy and them retreating from fight.

    Health:451(+75) Health Regen:6.2(+0.5) Mana:N/A Range:125 Attack Damage:54(+2.55) Attack Speed:0.650(+2.5%) Armor:15(+2.5) Magic Resist:30(1.8) Movement Speed:320

    Arianne leaps on target enemy or ally. When she leaps on enemy she deals physical damage.If enemy is killed in 5 seconds cooldown on Leap is lowered by 5 seconds.

    |leveling= |cooldown= |range=650 }}

    Arianne swings with her sword dealing physical damage to everyone standing in front of her.

    |leveling= |cooldo…

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