1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 420 (+90) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 3.5 (+0.7) Attack speed 0.655 (+2.5%)
Mana N/A Armor 15 (+ 2.9)
Mana regen. N/A Magic resist. 30 (+1.25)
Attack range 175 Mov. speed N/A
Crona, The Idol of Destruction is a custom champion in League of Legends.


Destruction Mode

Whenever Crona's health is lowered to below 40% / 45% / 50% / 55%, she goes into Destruction Mode for 10 seconds, causing her to gain 100% critical chance, 25% more damage when she critically strikes and gains an aura that damages nearby enemy units equal to 1% of maximum health as magic damage.

Cruel Invitation
RANGE: 375
COST: No Cost
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6

Active: Crona thrusts her lance at a target, causing physical damage to the target and everything behind it. The target then has its armor lowered by 50% for 2 seconds.

  • Physical Damage: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+ 110% AD)
Death Strike
RANGE: 450
COST: No Cost
COOLDOWN: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11

Active: Crona jumps into the air and strikes down on an area of 300-units, dealing physical damage to all enemy units caught in the AoE and slows them by 60% for 1 second.

  • Physical Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 75% Bonus AD)
Destruct Drive
COST: No Cost

Active: Crona fills herself with the desire to destroy something, causing her next 3 basic attacks to deal bonus damage and have a 40% chance to critically strike. If Destruction Drive was active when Destruction Mode is triggered, she gains 50% more damage from critical strike instead of 25%.

  • Bonus Damage: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (+ 60% Bonus AD)
Endless Destruction
RANGE: Global
COST: No Cost

Active: Crona unleashes power as an Idol of Destruction, dealing physical damage to all enemy units, regardless of their position, for 200 hits over 20 seconds. Endless Destruction deals quadruple damage to minions. It does not affect buildings.

  • Physical Damage per hit: 3 / 5 / 7 (+1% Bonus AD)


Upon Selection

"I'm up for anything fun! Hey, how about we play in a shower of blood?"






"That's a really nice life you got there! It would be a shame if someone... ruined it"

"Caution! Please die when handling destruction!"

"You'll let me shower in your blood, won't you?"


"People ask me, "Does destruction get boring?", funny thing is, I never answer it, they always die before I answer!"

"It's always fun to leave them dead."

"Destruction is only a hobby!"

Upon triggering Destruction Mode


"I'll destroy every last one of you!"

Upon using Cruel Invitation

"I'm inviting you to my really cruel party!"

"You're invited....if you still live!"

Upon using Destruct Drive

"Destruction is in the air"

"This smells like.... destruction!"

Upon using Endless Destruction

"Let forth the God of Destruction!"

"Let havoc and destruction spread!"