Qarin kawaii

aka Qarin

  • I live in Seremban
  • I was born on December 16
  • I am male
  • Qarin kawaii

    this is my idea, for lux skin ... it is K-pop Lux (im very love k-pop) and Painter Lux ( im very love paint).. LoL..hope you all loved it .. thank you very much ... ^^v

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  • Qarin kawaii
    this is my champion concept idea.. mermaid the mythological aquatic creature...
    mermaid is the common name for a mythological aquatic CREATURE with a human upper body connected to a fish-like pelvis and tail. MERMAIDS are represented in the Folklore, literature and popular culture of many Countries worldwide. A male version of a mermaid is known as a "merman" and in general both males and females are known as "merfolk" or "merpeople". A "merboy" is a young merman.
    According to legend, the mermaid is a creature of water with the head and body and tail like a woman like a fish. Mermaid living on the seabed and a daughter who is said to have turned some of its members from the waist to foot in a fish. The story of a mermaid exists in almost all…
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  • Qarin kawaii
    thumbelina the fairy's tale, is a my champion concept idea.
    she is mythical character who refers to a type of spirit, found in the forest. her shaped like a human, and independent living. Fairies are believed to have magic powers and is able to heal or to wealth.
    In my reseach, Scientifically the possibility of fairies comes from animism or Hindu, (although this theory is based) who believe that all things, such as large trees, strange-shaped rock, a guardian / god who is believed to have the power to help people.
    i really hope, riots will consider my champion concept idea,
    thumbelina the fairy's tale.
    make her be a next champion in LoL game......^^v
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