this is my champion concept idea.. mermaid the mythological aquatic creature...
Qarin kawaii mermaid the mythological aquatic creature
mermaid is the common name for a mythological aquatic CREATURE with a human upper body connected to a fish-like pelvis and tail. MERMAIDS are represented in the Folklore, literature and popular culture of many Countries worldwide. A male version of a mermaid is known as a "merman" and in general both males and females are known as "merfolk" or "merpeople". A "merboy" is a young merman.
According to legend, the mermaid is a creature of water with the head and body and tail like a woman like a fish. Mermaid living on the seabed and a daughter who is said to have turned some of its members from the waist to foot in a fish. The story of a mermaid exists in almost all societies in the world. In Greek mythology, mermaids seduce sailors said to be always the default. Anyone tempted to be doomed. Babylonian society mermaid worshiped as a god or gods of sea known as Ea or Oannes. Oannes is described as male mermaids.
Princess mermaid, also known as a character in the tale The Little Mermaid (1836) work of Hans Christian Andersen, translated into various languages​​.
hope... riot will consider my idea... to make mermaid the next champion in LoL... Thank... ^^v
Qarin kawaii mermaid large size pic