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    Lore (inspired by the Hunger Games)

    The Fleshing of Noxus holds a special annual spectacle called the Greater Munera [1], held every Founder's Birthday. It is considered to be much worse than the Fleshing itself; reasons include:

    1. The purposes of this spectacle: to show that this spectacle will keep on happening if rebellions happen, and for entertainment.
    2. The mechanics of the Greater Munera:
    3. When the Greater Munera was created, Noxus was divided into 12 districts called "soviets" [2.1] based on their common profession and specialty [2.2]. At first, two young representatives per soviet participated in the Greater Munera. Every succeeding year, the number of representatives per soviet (excluding the soviets of the victors) was increased by two u…

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    Aleksandr Herzog, a Demacian by birth, has always wanted to take the Demacian armed forces to a whole new level. So, to pursue his dream, Aleksandr enrolled in the Military Academy of Demacia in order to get affiliated with the armed forces of Demacia. Later, he attended the Piltover University of Techmaturgy for three years to get his Doctorate. After doing so, the path to his dream has been paved.

    Aleksandr, in pursuit of his dream, designed new weapons, artillery, naval vessels and even aircraft for the Demacian armed forces. Six of the many things he has invented are:

    • DT-2, the main battle tank of the Demacian armed forces. Has a 125mm cannon, 40mm coaxial mana pulse launcher, .50 caliber gatling gun and very thick "mana-proof"…
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