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  • QuantumFeint

    OK, so sadly, my most beloved adc(that is only adc I actually like) is getting harsh treatment, since she is seen as really weak. Which is not completely true, but she certainly has many drawbacks. I heard people talk about wanting her reworked. So I decided to offer my ideas for sale.

    Miss Fortune gains 40 movement speed after not taking damage for 5/4/3/2 seconds(at level 1/6/11/16).

    |description2 = When her health goes bellow 40%, Miss Fortune gains 200 movement speed for 2.5 seconds. This puts both parts of her passive on 30 seconds cooldown.




    While strut is claimed to be one of weakest parts of her kit, in my opinion, it is heavily underestimated. It allows Miss Fortune to flank, to dodge skillshots, and return about 25% faster back to…

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  • QuantumFeint

    So, meta has been dominated by all these smite top laners. And its time for ADCs to counterattack. While I am not ADC player, I am also going to try this.

    If you are ADC player, I invite you to participate in experiment, that can change future of ADCs. Yeah, you guessed right. Take smite. Your support can take heal, or maybe exhaust. But you will take smite. Change your quints from attack speed to lifesteal. Start with longsword and 3 pots. And before coming to lane, take that camp on your side, forcing jungler to start somewhere else.

    Enchantment Warrior with Skirmishers Sabre shall be your first item.

    Now go, call your friends, and try it out. For the sake of future of ADC!

    Edit: I wrote original post under time pressure so let me expand it …

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  • QuantumFeint

    This is custom concept for Levita, yordle ad carry/caster champion. Her attack range should be 550-575 to fit my idea, but more importantly, I want to change how she interacts with crit chance and attack speed of items, compared to other champions.


    Levita was ordinary yordle girl, until one day, she found the old musket buried in ground outside Bundle city. Not knowing what it is, she brought the gun to Heimerdinger, who explained her history of weapons and she decided to put her gun into yordle museum. But something inside her changed that day and she became fascinated by history of guns. She started to create models and even working copies of these weapons, until it was no longer enough. She wanted to not just have, but also to maste…

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  • QuantumFeint

    In more than one of his stream sessions, Valkrin talked about how toplane is currently awful. So let me offer small idea, that would make top lane bit more interesting.

    new passive: Encouraging Bells

    (For champ under his turret)

    Staying under turret while out off combat generates stack of encouraged(up to 5) per second. Leaving attack range of turret will burn all stacks and create 10 hit points per stack of shield for 10 seconds. Returning into turret range will remove any remaining shield from this passive. If you enter combat while under turret, all stacks will be removed.

    2:00 in game and 120 seconds after being taken, relic of observer is generated in both side bushes(not in middle one). They are generated in spot of bush furthest from th…

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  • QuantumFeint

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I have stopped playing LoL right before season 5, so it looks like I missed much. I come into lobby, and someone is banning sejuani. I am like... OK, whatever... And then again. And again.

    To be honest, after I realised how much have meta shifted, from hypercarries to loser adcs like Graves (seriously one of weakest adcs in S4, as I have been told by many people last season), I wanted to understand why did this happen. Easy answer would be "Tanks are now strong". Which does not make sense. Seriously, if only problem is strenght of tanks, where's vayne and kog maw, and why are you adcs all playing graves.

    Yeah, it is obvious that tanks are strong in this meta to anyone, who played few games. But why is that? …

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