Top lane changes idea

In more than one of his stream sessions, Valkrin talked about how toplane is currently awful. So let me offer small idea, that would make top lane bit more interesting.

Top lane outer tower

new passive: Encouraging Bells

(For champ under his turret)

Staying under turret while out off combat generates stack of encouraged(up to 5) per second. Leaving attack range of turret will burn all stacks and create 10 hit points per stack of shield for 10 seconds. Returning into turret range will remove any remaining shield from this passive. If you enter combat while under turret, all stacks will be removed.

Relic of observer

2:00 in game and 120 seconds after being taken, relic of observer is generated in both side bushes(not in middle one). They are generated in spot of bush furthest from their nearby tower. 10 seconds after relic spawns, it matures, granting stronger than usual effect. Taking relic of observer:

Grants TRUE vision in bush, but only in bush(no radius around bush is revealed, only inside of it) for 12/18 seconds. Enemies will see red mark above observed bush.

Grants recollector buff for 18 seconds. Recollector buff grants you 3/12 gold for every enemy minion that died nearby(1000 range) without any champion last hitting it(similar to ancient coint, but not getting gold from ally champion killing minions, this is to prevent lane swap hard abuse where support could use this to feed himself some nasty gold while adc just farms).

What will it change:

Tower changes:

+ Safer laning for losing side, cant be completely destroyed by lane freeze.

+ Probably more fun to watch and more fun to play toplane.

+ Not really super impactful, its just 50 shield points that you now can play around in trades, and it doesn't work under your tower, so derp.

Relic of observer

+ Added new objective to fight over.

+ Losing side has strong motivation to let buff mature and so has to defend it from being denied by enemy(because matured buff grants so much gold, while immature grants almost none).

+ Recollector buff is only up for 18 seconds every 120/130 seconds, so getting full control of your lane is still your goal, but if you cant farm well because of enemy, there is now way to somehow survive.

+ Vision control tool, that is not insanely crazy, and can be played around(because its only up about 10-14% of time and you are warned when enemy has vision there).

- trap champions could easily abuse this

- Teemo 666

Word at the end

These changes are just idea I threw out, its completely unfinished. I will accept all criticism. I still dont know what to do about Teemo placing shrooms on Relic spawn points tho.