So, meta has been dominated by all these smite top laners. And its time for ADCs to counterattack. While I am not ADC player, I am also going to try this.

If you are ADC player, I invite you to participate in experiment, that can change future of ADCs. Yeah, you guessed right. Take smite. Your support can take heal, or maybe exhaust. But you will take smite. Change your quints from attack speed to lifesteal. Start with longsword and 3 pots. And before coming to lane, take that camp on your side, forcing jungler to start somewhere else.

Enchantment Warrior with Skirmishers Sabre shall be your first item.

Now go, call your friends, and try it out. For the sake of future of ADC!

Edit: I wrote original post under time pressure so let me expand it now bit more.

I don't encourage trying this out in ranked. It is just for research and fun purpose, not meta-shifting advice.

Also, here is list of ADC's I recommend doing this on, as they will probably suffer least by doing it:

1. Graveyard

2. Lucius Malfoy

3. Skate-lyn

4. Izrael