aka Dimi

  • I live in Middle East Europe
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Programmer in learning
  • I am Male
  • QuantumRandomGenerator

    This my Aatrox rework, in an attempt to fix the weakest champ in league of legends I created this. I didn't do a full rework, because I just wanted to publish these ideas. He is supposed to be tanky-errrrrr. I didn't publish anything in months since I was playing Smite and mostly because I was really busy. Please enjoy this and state any improvement you have upon my ideas. Also check my old custom champion Aokaria which I have now reworked: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:QuantumRandomGenerator/Aokaria,_The_Blade_That_Shapes

    and bonus attack speed}} which decays to half over 4 seconds. After 4 seconds Aatrox loses his , instead gaining 20% damage reduction and using both Blood Thirst and Blood Burst. Upon taking fatal dama… Read more >
  • QuantumRandomGenerator

    Aokaria, the Blade that Shapes is a custom champion in League of Legends that will probably never exist.

    • Originally I came up with this idea for a custom champion involving Aokaria's dash on his W. I thought it was interesting to proc it on his 3 basic attack so you could jump around an enemy champion constantly. The difficult part was making it into an interesting ability. The first version involved dealing bonus damage, and get movement and attack speed. This was pretty plain and kind of uninteresting. I thank God, GreenMoriyama commented on my champion. I saw the problems it had. The steel storm idea came when I was in my physics class and we were learning about curbed forces.
    • Next I needed a dash. I thought long and far about a way to ma…

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