Here are some preliminary notes on a custom champion I thought up:

Rapid, the Twisted Tinkerer

Fighter, Pusher, Melee


Innate: Thunder Hammer

Passive: Critical strikes stun the target for 0.5 seconds. Cannot occur on the same target again for 10 seconds. Does not affect minions.

Q: Bolt Shot

Active: Rapid fires his Bolt Gun in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits. If the shot hits terrain, Rapid is pulled to the bolt, damaging enemies in his path. Does not affect minions.

W: Warp Drive

Active: Rapid teleports to a nearby target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Range increases with rank.

E: Magnetic Shield

Passive: Rapid gains bonus magic resist equal to 10% of his maximum mana.

Active: Rapid activates his shield, gaining armor and magic resist for 5/6/7/8 seconds.

Ultimate: Steam Powered

Active: Rapid channels and begins to crank up his hammer, before dealing damage around him, silencing and knocking up enemies when the channel is disrupted. Damage dealt is based on how long Rapid channeled, up to a maximum based on rank. However, Rapid can continue channeling indefinitely if uninterrupted. A special sound will play to show that Rapid has reached the maximum amount of damage he can do.

Lore :

-From Zaun

-Helped Blitzcrank upgrade himself for fighting


-Tinkerer Rapid

-Victorian Rapid

-Clockwork Rapid

-Armored Avenger Rapid



"Destroy, build, destroy!"





Has a special taunt against Poppy, Jayce, and Taric: "You call THAT a hammer?"