Champion Info

ChampionSquare Vox
The Venomous Vagabond
Cost: IP icon Influence Points ? or RP icon Riot Points ?
Attributes Fighter, Mage,Melee Release date Never
Attackpower.png 70
Defensepower.png 40
Abilitypower.png 80
Difficulty.png 50
Health Attack damage
Health regen. Attack speed
Mana Armor
Mana regen. Magic res.
Range Mov. speed

Vox, the Venomous Vagabond is a custom champion in my imagination.


Toxic Steps

Vox covers the ground he walks near in an area around him with Toxic Vapor, which remains for 20 minutes before it dissipates. This vapor marks enemies that stay within it for 3 seconds with Traveler's Toxin for 8 seconds, which interacts with his other abilities. Toxic Vapor is visible to both teams and appears as a greenish haze over the ground. Vox is alerted when an enemy becomes newly marked, but not which champion was marked or their location, nor does the vapor grant vision.

Additionally, Vox gains stacking bonuses depending on how much of the map is covered with vapor.

25%: 3 second DoT on all abilities scaling with ability power.

50%: Bonus magic and armor penetration.

75%: Ability power percentage increase.

90%: Deal magic damage around you every half second.

Ability Details

Poison Strike

Active: Vox's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and causes him to dash to his target. If he strikes an enemy marked with Traveler's Toxin with this ability, he slows the target and can cast this ability again for no cost, although the same enemy cannot be struck again within 6 seconds.

Ability Details

Noxious Vault

Passive: Vox gains bonus movement speed while moving through Toxic Vapor once it has been there for more than 30 seconds. Dashing through Toxic Vapor with Poison Strike or Noxious Vault grants Vox double this bonus for 2 seconds.

Active: Vox dashes in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemy units hit and stopping upon hitting an enemy champion. If Poison Strike is currently on cooldown against this champion, they are stunned for 1 second.

Ability Details

Corrosive Claws

Active: Vox viciously strikes in a cone in front of him, dealing physical damage to and blinding all enemies hit. All targets currently marked with Traveler's Toxin take bonus magic damage over 2 seconds based on their maximum health if they are hit.

Ability Details

Wanderer's Revenge

Active: Vox summons a pool of potent toxins in a target area for several seconds, dealing magic damage to enemies inside it. Hitting enemies inside it with abilities increases the damage they take from this ability, stacking up to 3 times. If the pool damages an enemy champion marked with Traveler's Toxin, it grows larger over the duration and apples Grievous Wounds to enemies inside it for a few seconds.

Ability Details