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Another way of playing Malzahar

How many ways have people played Malzahar so far? I've seen AP Malz, AD Malz (voidlings ftw!), and I've seen jungle Malz. However, what do you guys think of tanky Malz?

The idea is simple. Build Malzahar with a tanky items like warmogs, runic bulwark, and rylais, stick a liandry's torment, some other tank item and jump half way into the fights yourself! Malzahar already has good base damage and ratios on his skills, his voidlings bring another source of damage into the mix, void pool does % damage and along with rylais+liandry combo, allows him to burn through enemy hp! The goal of this build idea is to bring up whatever support you can to a team fight without fear of being slaughtered, peel or focus assassins/carries, and bring the hp damage around.

Of course, this is a very rough idea and I mean very rough. I haven't tested this out just yet (though I will in the future) and there are still other choices Malz players can make. They can go for Rabadon's with a deathfire grasp to deal more damage despite less AP, go with pure tank (I don't really recommend this....), or go with just a warmogs for the 1k health safety.

Community, what do you think of tanky Malz?

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